Waste2Water Technologies - Environmentally Sound Waste Treatment & Recycling, Melbourne, Victoria.


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Environmentally Sound

Waste2Water Technologies employs a number of environmentally
sound work practices...  


EPA Licensing
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EPA Licencing.

Victorian Waste Management Association
Australian Car Wash Association

Waste Advice

The staff at Waste2Water Technologies have a wealth of knowledge in the industrial waste industry. 
This knowledge covers all areas of the waste disposal process, including:

  • Providing advice on the current EPA regulations regarding the handling of waste, by products or
    off-spec products
  • On-site waste assessments and sampling 
  • Waste testing and evaluations
  • Waste collection
  • The most environmental, sustainable Waste Treatment options
  • Waste recycling

Waste2Water Technologies will work with you to achieve the best waste management process
for your site.

Our aim is to work with customers to help them reduce their waste disposal costs.


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