Waste2Water Technologies - Environmentally Sound Waste Treatment & Recycling, Melbourne, Victoria.


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Environmentally Sound

Waste2Water Technologies employs a number of environmentally
sound work practices...  


EPA Licensing
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EPA Licencing.

Victorian Waste Management Association
Australian Car Wash Association

Waste2Water's Processing Facility

Waste2Water Technologies own and operate an EPA Licensed Waste Processing Facility
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Customers benefit by:
  • Cheaper disposal rates as costs can be controlled in-house. No expensive disposal rates from third
    party treatment facilities.

  • More reliable service due to having full control over the unloading and processing of waste.
    No lengthy waiting times at third party treatment facilities.

Our Processing Facility

Waste2Water Technologies' treatment facility has been designed to be as compact as possible, whilst still maintaining a high degree of operational flexibility, which is crucial to the effective operation of an industrial
waste treatment facility.

The treatment facility has been designed to accept waste from any type of truck, whether it is a special 
designed low clearance vehicle with a low discharge point or Super Vacís with fully opening rear doors.

Our treatment process utilises various screens to remove gross contaminates like rags, gloves, plastic bags
and other large debris.

Fine solids are then removed by applying centrifugal force which separates the different components of the
waste based on density differences.

The solids are then further dewatered in purpose built containers.

The remaining dirty water is treated using water treatment chemicals and gravity settling.

Water that is to be used for industrial reuse will be fine filtered using mixed bed sand filters, followed by
micro filtration.


Environmentally Sound Waste Treatment & Recycling

  • Purpose-built efficient, environmentally friendly treatment of wastes. Most waste treatment facilities
    are designed to treat a wide range of wastes and therefore become less efficient at treating individual
    waste streams. Waste2Water Technologies purposely accepts only non-hazardous EPA wastes, which
    can be treated very efficiently when not mixed with more complex or hazardous wastes.

  • Our fully enclosed operation in our modern factory means that there is no contamination of rain water,
    and therefore no risk of stormwater contamination from our site.

  • Rainwater is harvested from our roof and stored on-site. The water is used in our tanker cleaning system.
  • Waste2Water Technologies also reuses our own treated water for tanker cleaning.
  • Waste2Water Technologies only use around 100L of drinking water a day in total.
  • Waste2Water Technologies is actively seeking an industrial reuse opportunity for our treated water.
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