Waste2Water Technologies - Environmentally Sound Waste Treatment & Recycling, Melbourne, Victoria.


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Environmentally Sound

Waste2Water Technologies employs a number of environmentally
sound work practices...  


EPA Licensing
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EPA Licencing.

Victorian Waste Management Association
Australian Car Wash Association

Victoria Based

Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Experts

Contact Us Now 24/7 on:
 1300 00 W2WT / 1300 00 9298 

Our Processing Facility and Collection Service focuses on non-hazardous liquid waste including:        

  • Car Wash Pit Waste
  • Triple Interceptor Pit Waste
  • NDD or Non Destructive Digging Slurry
  • Contaminated Site Water
  • Communication Pit Water
  • Industrial Wash Water
  • Waste Oil
  • Oil and Water Mixtures
  • Spray Booth Waste Water
  • Contaminated Storm Water

Non-Hazardous = low cost, just ask us    


  Waste2Water Technologies Pty. Ltd.     41-43 Freight Drive, Somerton Victoria 3062    Tel: 1300 00 W2WT / 1300 00 9298    Fax: 03 9308 8220

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